ChaCha: To More State-Sponsored Land Grabbing and Imperialist Plunder.

On Photo: KAMANDAG Artists joined mass-movement against charter change.

The supermajority of the Congress is taking its steps to amend the constitution as per the precept of President Duterte. The focus of the amendment is the shift of the Philippines to a Federal Government, that will divide the country into five states: The state of Luzon, the state of Visayas, the state of Mindanao, the state of Bangsamoro and the state of Metro Manila.

The Philippines for Sale

On the declaration of Federal-State Principles and Policies, it will remove our two current economic principles that states, “the State shall develop a self-reliant and independent national economy effectively controlled by the Filipinos” and “The State shall promote comprehensive rural development and agrarian reform”, thus, the 60-40 limit of foreign equity will be removed, so the Philippines will allow 100% ownership of lands and companies from foreign investors. The result of this action leads to more oppression, development aggression and land grabbing.

The Rulers of the Game

Since the Spanish era, there is a long history of the struggle of the peasants and the indigenous on defending their lands against the oppressors. The forming of Haciendas that made the peasants become renters on their own land and the Indigenous that migrated on different parts of the Philippines due to the expansion of the territory of the colonizer. Today, the Spaniards have long been gone, but the struggle continues as the oppression did not cease.  The reactionary government, the local ruling class and the imperialist countries are the rulers of the games, the land grabbers and the plunderers of our natural resources. The government creates laws that open ways for the ruling class and foreign entities to own lands and grab the countries resources. As in the case of ChaCha, the local ruling class together with their partners in the imperialist countries would give a vast power to control the economy of the country, which they could use for their own interest. It will become a country that is own not by the Filipinos.

On Development Aggression

Foreign mining companies and investors could foray our natural resources that will result in a vast destruction of our nature. Today, even without the amendment of the constitution, mountains are being destroyed for the sake of mining and conversion of rural lands into cities. Thousands of peasants are being displaced from their productive lands on which many are state-sponsored land grabbing. This kind of aggression results to an exiguous supply of food and increase the number of homeless Filipinos. On the other hand, what waits for the Indigenous People who took care of our environment for a very long time is the obliteration of their race and culture. Most of them live in the mountain and lands that are rich in minerals and natural resources that the government, mining companies, and foreign investors are longing to get.

The Hope in the Struggle

In Central Luzon, the implementation of ChaCha will rush the projects of New Clark City, Balog-Balog Dam, Crow Valley Military Complex and Aboitiz Geo-Thermal Powerplant as policies of Federalism would let them gain robust powers to displace the peasants and the indigenous in their ancestral domains.

The Government that should protect the peasants and the indigenous is the government that oppresses them. However, the continuous organized protest and defensive actions of the indigenous and peasants protect them from the state, the ruling class, and the imperialists.

They are waiting for us to take part in that defense.

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