The Administration Trembles On A 71 Years Old Nun



As the pontiff reiterate that it’s very important to visit secluded places where injustices happen frequently or those communities being forgotten by the society. Submerging once self to the masses is a deed that cannot be separated from the life of a Christian, especially for those who consecrated themselves to serve the people of God. Sr. Patricia Fox is a foreign nun who choose to serve in the Philippines, because he saw and loved the peasants and the indigenous being oppressed at the countryside.

The life of sister Pat reflects the message of Jesus:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,”

-Matthew 25:35

The only goal of sister Pat is to feed the empty stomach of the farmers, the ones who provide food for us cannot have a food for themselves.  Obviously, Sr. Pat can do her mission to a much comfortable place, but she chose to do it in the countryside for this is what Jesus did. Unfortunately, here in the Philippines which is a catholic country do not realize the value of those people who follow the steps of Jesus.

Just a few days ago, the Bureau of Immigration ordered the nun to leave the country. And some days passed, President Duterte admitted the he is the one in charged of the imprisonment of Sr. Pat for the reason of criticizing his administration.

The situation clearly shows that the current administration cannot swallow the truth and to expose its sins to the peasants and indigenous people through not implementing a genuine agrarian reform and selling the ancestral lands of the indigenous. In Mindanao, where sister Pat did her latest fact finding mission, the Military and the Almara (Lumad whom the AFP made a militia men) are harassing the Lumad communities because the state wants to oust them on their lands so that the big mining companies can freely acquire their natural resources.

Despite the circumstances, it’s an invitation for all the allies of the peasants and indigenous, Christians or other religions to push for a genuine agrarian reform and to protect the lands of the indigenous. In Central Luzon, Hundreds of Aeta communities and peasants face eviction as government pushes for New Clark City, Crow Valley Military Complex and Balog-Balog Dam. As of today, a stadium is starting to be build at New Clark City phase one for the 2019 SEA Games.  

Let’s all learn from the life of Sr. Patricia Fox whom unconditionally loved the masses.

“I’m not tired because the peasants, the fisher folks, the indigenous are not allowed to get tired. Because that’s their life, right? They are not allowed to get tired because that’s their struggle in life.

My dream is to have a true peace here, true justice, lands for the peasants, ancestral lot for the indigenous, house for the homeless, a security of tenure for the workers that’s my dream.”

-Sister Patricia Fox   


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