For KAMANDAG artists and writers, we see “Development Aggression”, as development or progression of state aggression, land grabbing, and fascist attacks on our people—mainly our peasants and our national minorities. Not for even a millisecond, do we count any of these project as a “development project” that just gone awry because of a technical glitch of not securing an FPIC. “Development Aggression” is no development at all. It is instead a degeneration of our common home, sacrificing environment, people, culture, in the name of profit and capital.

In line to this, we are inviting you to register and be an active member of KAMANDAG. Our national minority, and the environment are waiting your favorable response. We are hoping that you can come and listen to the environment and its people. Today, the projects are being rushed and thus, we must also work faster and garner the most possible number of support for our Peasant and Aeta brothers and Mother Nature.