“Development Aggression” is a term used by indigenous people to refer to development projects that violates human rights. It initially refers to projects planned or progressed without free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) from an impacted local community as required by international law, such as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People—or in several and more cases of fraudulent FPIC or FPIC acquired under duress.

For KAMANDAG artists and writers, we see “Development Aggression”, as development or progression of state aggression, land grabbing, and fascist attacks on our people—mainly our peasants and our national minorities.

Not for even a millisecond, do we count any of these project as a “development project” that just gone awry because of a technical glitch of not securing an FPIC. “Development Aggression” is no development at all. It is instead a degeneration of our common home, sacrificing environment, people, culture, in the name of profit and capital.

In the mountains of PAMPANGA, TARLAC, and ZAMBALES, are large neighboring government projects that will flatten its mountain ranges, displace an entire Aeta nation, destroying sacred tribal landmarks, erasing culture and his

tory, bringing forth dislocation, destruction, and even death.

These developments will surely spill over its neighboring municipalities, as most “developments” almost always do, opening doorways to increasing land speculation, land grabbing, and land conversion—all in the effect detrimental to the basic masses.

Exactly, are this development, for whom—we dare to ask!

Lying that the project is inclusive, they hid the reality of a society divided in classes – and ours is a long history of class wars. How then can a project be really inclusive?