Tens of thousands of peasants of Santo Rosario, Aranguren, Sta. Lucia, O’ Donnell in Capas; Aeta of Maruglu, in Capas; Aeta and peasants of San Roque, San Nicolas, Anupul, Sto. Nino, San Vicente, in Bamban; and Aeta in parts of Porac and Mabalacat—faces displacement, dislocation, death—as the government pushes the construction of New Clark City—occupying 9,500 hectares of agricultural and ancestral lands.

To date access roads construction have already destroyed Mt. Dalin in Arenguren; 

Botolan—Capas road is already halfway-finished, a highway traversing the mountains of Capas, to provide road access from Tarlac to Zambales; and several hundreds of hectares of crops put to waste and destroyed by bulldozers, payloaders, and backhoe leaving hundreds of farmers and Aeta victims of human rights violation.The lost of money invested to farm inputs, and efforts invested to the many afternoons of tilling and nurturing the crops, only to be recklessly destroyed days before its harvesting time.

More hundreds and thousands of hectares of rich productive lands, awaits to be converted into the new city.